The Raspberry Pi Project

The Raspberry-Pi Project
400+ Students
$ 6,000.00


The Raspberry Pi is a miniature computer released in early 2012. It was designed as a valuable learning tool to teach computer programming to students of all ages. This capable wallet sized PC utilizes Linux and offers many of the same functions of your average desktop PC including spreadsheets, word processing, and programming. The Pi is very affordable at only $35.00 USD each.

Only one year after its launch, Cercle Social is embracing the Pi’s breakthrough technology with the perfect balance of academic benefit and affordability. We are implementing this unique learning unit into our computer lab in Benin.

What is the project background

Cercle Social currently provides Benin secondary school students — year round — computer classes with limited traditional desktop computers.

The Raspberry Pi will gradually replace the traditional desktop PCs we use for our project and allow us to repurpose the computers for use in secondary schools.

We are expanding our current computer program with the addition of Pi’s as a more affordable and compact option for the classroom. This will give us the ability to provide additional students with their first experience using a computer in a fun and interactive way.

What is the project outcome?

Before starting the project, 87% of interviewed students said they never touched a real computer.

778 students have registered to take the computing courses from 2012 to 2014 and the demand keeps rising.

Participants have been evaluated through writing and practical exams. The analysis of these results showed a 65% improvement of grades for the second year of implementation.

Why Raspberry PI ?
• Affordable: 10 times cheaper than a desktop pic
• An embedded system — Suitable for deployment everywhere pic
• Portable and lightweight pic
• Energy efficient — 50 times less power than a desktop pic
• Running open source software pic
• Powerful enough for teaching basics of computers in schools pic
How does this program benefit the students ?

Cercle Social is continually working to improve the quality of the training offered to benefit students. Volunteers support this program through the summer months keeping students off the streets, focused on learning.

This program positively impacts graduation success rates and increases participant’s chances of financial independence. We are partnering with job recruiters hiring for student internships. As the Pi project grows, our reputation will keep recruiters seeking participating students.

Annually, we register a minimum increased number of 100 students benefiting from the Pi project. Your contribution will increase this number. Just a $35.00 USD donation will put a computer in a classroom used to teach computer classes to five (05) students a year.